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Beer Drinking Lobster T-Shirt on “Last Man on Earth”

Original Beer Drinking Lobster T-Shirt

The Original Beer Drinking Lobster T-Shirt

BrewerShirts may be making our network television debut this fall.

The costume department for the Fox comedy series “Last Man on Earth” recently purchased one of our Original Beer Drinking Lobster t-shirts. They contacted us and asked if they could use it on the show.

Being fans of LMOE, of course we said yes.

The main character, Phil Miller (played by Will Forte), is known for  wearing cool and quirky graphic tees as he navigates the post-apocalyptic world.   Hopefully, we’ll see him wearing ours.

Our cool lobster first appeared in January 2012, cracking open a cold bottle of Cthulu lager on a bright red crewneck t-shirt.  He was the third in our line of Craft Beer Spirit Animal tees (after the Dinosaur and the Octopus).

We have no idea when or in what episode or on which character it will appear, but we look forward to seeing him.  Tuning in and crossing our fingers every Sunday night.

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